Solar Cord Grips

Superflex Solar Cord Grips provide a watertight seal for PV module output leads to inverters. They are designed for solar rooftop or combiner box installations. Secure input PV leads from solar panel array strings to fuse holder hookup within solar combiner boxes. Use in some residential rooftop solar applications may eliminate the need for combiner box when appropriate threaded adapter is used.

Solar Cable Ties

Superflex Solar Cable Ties are used to tie PV module output leads to racking system. UV protected vinyl jacket is excellent for solar installation where product durability is required.

Solar Cable Clips

Superflex Solar Cable Clips are are designed to provide a better method for PV module wire management and may be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed. Locking tabs securely fasten clips to module extrusions, or other panels. Generous lead-in for installation without tools. Neatly dresses cables on PV panel frames or along mounting channels.

Your advantages:

  • Cost effective
  • High quality materials
  • Light weight
  • Suitable for many applications

Categories: Alternative Energy Products