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Rollerflex™ 5000 Air Vacuum Hose

Rollerflex™ 5000 Air Vacuum Hose
  • Color : Clear, gray helix, corrugated surface. 
  • Material: Phthalate Free PVC
  • Applications : For dust collecting, exhaust where airborne pollutants, fumes and odors are problematic. Also for use as an air transfer duct in heating and air conditioning units. 
  • Special Features : Extremely flexible, corrugated surface. Note : All psi and va. rating are based on an open ended system at ambient temperatures.

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Rollerflex™ 5000 Air Vacuum Hose
Item #I. D.O. D.Standard LengthVac Rating at 70°FBend RadiusWeight/CFT
51121 1/2 "1 13/16 "100 FT20 in/Hg2 "20 lbs
51141 1/4 "1 1/2 "100 FT22 in/Hg1 "15 lbs
52002 "2 3/8 "100 FT18 in/Hg2 "34 lbs
52122 1/2 "2 7/8 "100 FT17 in/Hg3 "43 lbs
53003 "3 7/16 "100 FT16 in/Hg3 "53 lbs
53123 1/2 "4 "100 FT15 in/Hg4 "60 lbs
54004 "4 1/2 "100 FT10 in/Hg4 "85 lbs