Rollerflex™ DH Water Discharge Hose

Rollerflex™ DH Water Discharge Hose
  • Color : Cover - Blue, smooth surface. Tube - black, smooth surface. 
  • Material: Phthalate Free PVC
  • Applications : Water discharge. 
  • Special Features : Lightweight, coils flat for easy handling, transport and storage. Reinforced with two spiral plies and one longitudinal ply of strong fiber for excellent burst resistance, smooth, abuse resistant cover. 3:1 safety factor. 
  • Note : All psi and va. rating are based on an open ended system at ambient temperatures.

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Rollerflex™ DH Water Discharge Hose
Item #I. D.Standard LengthWorking PSI at 70°FWeight/CFT
DH-1121 1/2 "300 FT7517 lbs
DH-2002 "300 FT6022 lbs
DH-2122 1/2 "300 FT6029 lbs
DH-3003 "300 FT4540 lbs
DH-4004 "300 FT6053 lbs
DH-6006 "300 FT6082 lbs