Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connectors

Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connectors

Sealproof® Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connector

  • Listed under the Underwriter's Laboratories
  • CSA Certified by Canadian Standards Association
  • Nonmetallic
  • Liquid-tight
  • Oil-tight
  • Furnished with sealing ring and locknut
  • Unique grommet with gripping fingers
  • Largest cord range in the industry means less items to stock
  • Liquid-tight seal and superior pullout resistance is accomplished by just tightening the nut
  • A sealing ring is furnished to assure a liquid-tight seal when installing in non-threaded openings

Wire strength will not meet UL's 35 lb. pullout test requirement for the connectors.


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Low-Profile Strain Relief Cord Connectors
Item #Cord RangeTrade SizeUnit PackageStandard PackageDim. ADim. BDim. C
LPCG50.200/.4721/2 "251001,7920,631,042
LPCG503.100/.3001/2 "251001,7920,631,042
LPCG507.385/.7501/2 "251002,1780,5171,305
LPCG753.100/.3003/4 "10501,9630,571,042
LPCG754.200/.4723/4 "10501,9630,571,305
LPCG757.385/.7503/4 "10502,250,61,042