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Multi-Angle Connectors

Multi-Angle Connectors

Sealproof® Nonmetallic Liquid-Tight Multi-Angle Conduit Connector

  • Listed under the Underwriter's Laboratories
  • Available in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes
  • All nylon construction resists salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents
  • No disassembly required. Instead, the installer simply pushes the conduit or tubing onto the ferrule, tightening the domed sealing nut. The completed assembly can then be secured in the chassis by the locknut (or first secure the connector into an NPT threaded hole
  • Standard color - Black or Gray
  • Eliminate inventory, as the swivel design can be substitued for a Straight or 90° connector
  • Molded of type nylon 6. Flammability classification 94V-2: temperature index 125°C
  • "0" Ring and steel locknut included

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Multi-Angle Connectors
Item #Trade SizeK.O. SizeStandard PackageWeightDim. ADim. BDim. CPos. 2 Dim. APos. 2 Dim. BPos. 2 Dim. CColor
886171/2 "1/2 "1007.00 lbs3.350"2.15"0.500"3.025"2.395"0.500"Black
886181/2 "1/2 "1007.00 lbs3.350"2.15"0.500"3.025"2.395"0.500"Gray
886193/4 "3/4 "1007.00 lbs4.30"2.65"0.520"3.850"3.350"0.520"Black
886203/4 "3/4 "1007.00 lbs4.30"2.65"0.520"3.850"3.350"0.520"Gray